Hi, I’m Michael…

I’m a comedian, juggler, corporate speaker and on my better days a bit of a thinker.

As a comedian, I get a twisted sense of satisfaction out of making boring topics funny.
I’ve gotten laughs explaining ancient Greek philosophy, current attitudes towards poverty and affluence, and futuristic cryptocurrency.
Watch out for my next show which mixes jokes about meta-learning and neuroplasticity with circus tricks – trust me, it really is funny.

As a kids entertainer, I’ve translated my passion for circus into some high-energy and super-silly kids & family entertainment. Get ready for a lot of audience participation and ‘dad jokes.’

As a corporate speaker or corporate entertainer, I roll my stand-up and my circus skills into one show and can MC your event with class and humour, or provide some hilarious entertainment – something I can guarantee your team hasn’t seen before!

You can find further information on everything by clicking on the photos at the bottom of this page.